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2015-07-20_Review of Nick Knacks Creative Interiors

Rebuild of interior wall at  16 E 17th Street, Apt. 5

It is rare to find in a person an unrelentingly meticulous attention to detail combined with an easy-going temperament.  To find that in a contractor is priceless. As an architect specializing in wall construction, I wanted to find a contractor who would, at the very least, give a look to my detailed drawings of air-tight and insulated interior wall construction into this atypical 1898 building of steel and exterior copper cladding.  The details required exacting precision around 9' newly-installed aluminum replacement  windows, where the cladding of the original wood window frame with solid red oak molding had to be done with virtually no allowance for tolerance.  From the initial meeting, Nick demonstrated that he had not only reviewed my drawings but identified key coordination points with his work and plumbing work for the reinstallation of the radiator and electrical work for reinstallation of automated shades.  I depended on him fully to keep me updated, as I was not on site for most of the work.  As the project commenced and proceeded, he kept me informed on almost a daily basis, and he made sure to consult me on situations that arose requiring decisions that would impact the aesthetics of the final outcome.  When the plumber I had booked for the radiator work unexpectedly fell through, he immediately solved the problem within an hour, calling upon a master plumber within his network, and the result was a beautifully reinstalled radiator.  He also coordinated with the automated shade installer with great professionalism.   As  a very detail-oriented architect, I am extremely pleased with the aesthetics and performance of the final wall installation.  The red-oak window surrounds are beautifully level and stained.  The windows operate beautifully, and the shades are coordinated wonderfully.  In fact, it is done so well that it is hard to imagine that the wall was ever any other way.  I would also like to add that Dawn-Marie Dillon handled the logistics of the cumbersome insurance paperwork and contract issues with utmost timeliness, and to have such a well-coordinated office operation was of great comfort to us in the time-crunch that we were in.  I recommend Nick Knacks Creative Interiors without hesitation and will be recommending them to those who ask me for a great NYC contractor in the future. 






We look around and are astounded at the transformation Nick and his crew accomplished for us in our new apartment. The team at NickKnacks were responsive, professional and always willing to go the extra mile for us. Our project came in on budget and if we hadnt had delays with our Managing Agents approvals for the work would have finished up just about on time as well. We almost look forward to renovating again ;-) Really though we are very pleased with how things turned out.

Paul & Bert, Riverdale NY



We couldn’t have been happier with both the results and the service that we received from Nick Knacks Creative Interiors. Nick and his team worked diligently to help us create a new lighting design in the majority of our condo. My husband initially only wanted a light in his closet and this simple project grew into an entire lighting renovation. Nick worked with us, describing the process in detail, offering his opinion about what products to buy and also letting us dictate what we wanted for the individual spaces. There weren’t any surprises, as you often hear when working with contractors, delays or problems. On the contrary, Nick went above and beyond, making sure both the quality of the work, as well as the small details were perfect… and the project was even finished ahead of schedule. It truly was a seamless and stress-free process for us. It was refreshing working with him, as he was always on time, communicated every step of the process, took pride in his work and was the utmost professional. The workmanship was superb and we absolutely love the results! The end product even surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend Nick Knacks Creative Interiors and will definitely be calling him again for other projects.

Maria and Pete Brooklyn, NY




I have never seen a contractor this Meticulous!

Superintendant,Upper West Side, West 99th Street NY NY




​Nick Knacks painted three rooms in our park slope co-op and did a splendid job, with careful attention to detail. Also, they were very mindful of an important deadline we had and finished early. They also did a fantastic job cleaning and shining the metal knobs on our 4 french doors, something which we did not even ask for and did not think possible.

Alan S, Brooklyn NY



We loved the work Nick did on our bathroom so much that we hired him to come back for a complete kitchen reno. Our old kitchen was a disaster—literally falling apart—and Nick coached us through the decisions on materials and layout and helped us figure out exactly what we wanted in a very short period of time. When it came to the actual remodel, Nick was meticulous in making sure that everything was precisely leveled and installed, even in an old building with crooked walls and angled floorboards. The final product is absolutely fantastic—we knew that a kitchen refresh was needed, but we couldn’t have imagined how well it would turn out, or how much it would transform how we use our entire apartment

Mark & Erin, Brooklyn NY




Working with Nick is a dream. I was so happy to find him and now I won'tuse anyone else. His attention to detail, easy manner, andprofessionalism set him apart from the rest and his knowledge,experience, and communication kept me calm in what is normally adifficult process. When he says he will be there, he will be. He hasdedication, and worked very hard, late hours to get my kitchen finishedin time for a party, and it's beautifully constructed. I currently havea leaking shower, built by another contractor in a harrowing renovationexperience, which must now be rebuilt. But this time I don't need toworry because Nick is on the job! I know my home is in good hands.Thanks Nick!

​Susan, Lefferts Gardens Brooklyn NY



I had the pleasure of having Nick and team work on my property many years back and they did an absolutely amazing job of it. The job that they undertook with confidence was to re-expose a painted over brick wall without having to use water jets to clean the paint. The process required was painful attention to detail and was very labor intensive. Nick and team worked diligently till they got the wall completely re-exposed to my satisfaction. They worked very professionally making sure the rest of the apartment was kept clean and tidy. They came in with confidence about the job which I was never able to get from all the other contractors that I had spoken to prior. It also helped that Nick and team were a fun bunch of guys and we have remained in touch over the years. He has also worked on a larger renovation for a friend of mine whom I recommended him to and she was also highly impressed with his work, vision and professionalism. I recommend Nick and team to everyone and if there was ever a need for anything contractor related, he is always my first call.

Cheers, Arun




Nick is the only contractor I have worked with who I recommend wholeheartedly. The reasons are numerous.He is really creative and genuinely excited about design and "out of box" thinking. We had fun coming up with solutions for design challenges, and he was very open to all sorts of ideas and has a great eye.He stands by his work - the quality of his work is excellent, and he takes pride in the final product. He also pays extensive attention to detail.He is really clean - while all extensive projects leave a lot of dust, Nick is careful about cleaning up as best as possible at the end of each workday.There were no surprises. His pricing is honest and straightforward.My kitchen looks amazing and functions really well!

Alex in Brooklyn





Just this weekend, a friend and I were sharing stories regarding our recent bathroom renovations when I realized that there is a long list of reasons why I recommend Nick Knack Creative Interiors and why we will first look to Nick when we renovate the kitchen.1. Nick is down to earth and highly professional. When budgeting and discussing the design, he was prepared with ideas and pictures to help us along.2. Nick hired a strong team. Derrick was excellent in his craft, very personable and extremely trustworthy. It was easy to trust Nick and Derrick to enter our house while we were away. Zion and Kirk did their jobs carefully, were on time, and worked hard.3. Nick was completely transparent about the expenses and design from the start. The prices didn't change, we were never "nickel-and-dimed", and everything was seen through to the end - no surprises. The work was completed on budget and of good quality.4. Nick worked with us through every step. He knew how co-op rules work and helped us navigate it so that we were able to get the project approved and started on time. Additionally, because we wanted to do our own wall tiling, he created a construction plan around our unique circumstances.5. Nick didn't settle for any work that wasn't excellent. He designed the floor tiling in such a way that the pattern was clean and modern; far better than the previous floor tiling even though the tile size was the same. Also, when a sub-contractor did not do the work up to Nick's standards (although others might consider it "good enough"), he had the work re-done so that it was up to par.6. The work was completed ahead of schedule.

Zeynep & Brian, Brooklyn NY



Nick did a fantastic job renovating our Prospect Heights apartment'sbathroom. We had a beautiful, vintage subway-tiled bathroom thatneeded to be redone because of a leak behind the wall, and Nick wasexcellent at helping us (on a budget) plan, design, and execute arenovation that preserved the old character of our original bathroom.We were impressed with how quickly he and Derek completed the work andwith how meticulous they were about protecting and caring for the restof our apartment as they did it. We've already recommended him toseveral friends and look forward to having him back next year to workon our kitchen!​Erin and Mark, Brooklyn I’ve worked with Nick and his team on several successful projects inNew York City. Their work is precise and they have a great eye fordetail. Nick pays close attention to the plans and communicatespromptly whenever more clarity is needed or if an unexpected on-sitecondition is discovered. They show great concern for a client’sschedule and budget and are relentless about delivering the bestproduct possible. I am amazed at how quickly they completed ourrecent project. Last but not least, his cheerful personality makesthe construction process that much more enjoyable - I look forward toworking with Nick Knack's Creative Interiors again!​-

Jody McGuire, Architect, STUDIO 8 Architecture + Interiors




Nick and his team did a masterful job on both my bathroom and kitchen. Not only did I feel like it was a worthwhile investment, but the beauty and craftsmanship is remarkable and they did it all ahead of schedule.They transformed my dingy galley kitchen, doomed with very little light, old, flaking linoleum, and very little storage and counter space into a bright, super functional place that is a joy to cook in.My bathroom was another sad place--dark and dingy, with plenty of broken tiles and patch-up jobs that had been hastily done over the years. Nick and his team gutted it and transformed it into a refreshingly simple and modern sanctuary. The penny round tiles on the floor give it just a bit of color, but it is otherwise white and bright.Their craftsmanship is great, but even better, they are great guys who make you feel totally safe about leaving your place (and pets!) in their capable, kind hands. I can't recommend Nick and his team more highly.-

Courtney Martin, Brooklyn NY



​​​​Nick and crew quickly helped to finish off our kitchen with clean and crisply executed tile work. Even though ours was a small job they took great care to make sure we were satisfied with the work. Nick and Derek were pleasant to have around and we looked forward to working with them again.Laura and JasonBrooklyn, NY ​We are delighted to share an outstanding review of the work done by Nick Dillon and his team. Nick renovated our bathroom, which is absolutely stunning. His attention to detail and assistance in making stylistic decisions was critical in making this project successful. Without a doubt, Nick took immense pride in this renovation down to the smallest details. The subcontractors with whom he works were professional and courteous. Without hesitation we recommend using Nick and his team for your projects. Hopefully the pictures will be posted on the website for you to view.Thanks!

Adam, Brooklyn NY



It was great to work with Nick and his team on our bathroom renovation. We're so happy to have a modern updated bathroom and Nick and his team got the job done! During our construction we were out of the country and it was easy to work with Nick so that everything went off without a hitch.

Naomi, Brooklyn NY




Nick and his team did an amazing job on my kitchen renovation for mypre-war co-op by Prospect Park. His team painstakingly attended toevery detail of the renovation from start to finish: demolition of thekitchen, pulling out 7 layers of flooring, refinishing the hardwoodfloors, installation of the sheet rock and period molding, plumbing and upgrading the apartment’s archaic electrical system, Nick’s teamwas top-notch, reliable and professional.Moreover, Nick was a true pleasure to work with. He is personable,trustworthy and dependable. His team made sure that they abided by theco-op board’s rules and regulations for contractors. He was inconstant contact with the co-op management ensuring that there was nosnag with co-op board regulations. In fact, he was actuallyrecommended by the Superintendent of the building! I had interviewedover ten contractors for the job and Nick stood out from the rest. Hisquote was fare and reasonable and it was evident that the work wouldbe top-notch! I highly recommend Nick Dillon’s interior design.Thanks to Nick and his team I have the kitchen of my dreams!

Lan Brooklyn, New York​




Nick and Derrick (gotta give him a shout-out as well) are exactly whatyou want out of a contractor and crew - they're honest, skilled andprofessional. It doesn't hurt that they're also relaxed, cool guys. Theyrenovated the kitchen and refinished the floors in our prewar co-op,and did a great job. There were a couple of short delays on our side(getting materials) and on theirs (scheduling the last couple of days ofwork), but anybody who has had work done in Brooklyn will tell you thatbeing a little bit flexible helps. Nick knows his craft and is 100%reliable - we'll be hiring him again for our next job and we wouldrecommend him to anybody.

Mike and KateApril 2010 Brooklyn NY




​In June 2008, I took on a huge project in a terribly neglected space. Kitchen,bathroom,ceiling,floors,walls removed,closets redesigned; a total renovation.After some research I was introduced to Nick Dillon (NickKnacks) and my decision to work with him was without any regret. From conforming to Co op regulations to the final kitchen backsplash design, Nick was reliable, proffesional, knowledgable, determined and best of all cleaned up after each days work!Nick, Thanks to you and your team, I LOVE my apartment! You helped me to transform my "diamond in the rough" into the beautiful home I envisioned it could be. Thank You

Peggy Brooklyn, New York



​Nick and his crew came to us highly recommended by a neighbor. Indeed, the quality of their work and their professionalism were true to what we had heard. Ours was a small bathroom plastering-painting job, and when the time comes, we'll call them back. We began to worry when they didn't come for two days mid-project, but they finished on time nonetheless, and without unexpected extra costs (our experience with other contractors). They observed the rules of our co-op, were very tidy, and took care around our furniture, floors, and rugs. Nick, Derek, and Dexter were all hard-working and an absolute pleasure to have in our apartment.

Debra and Arnie April 2010 New York , NY



We had Nick build out a nursery in our prewar apt. and were extremely pleased with the results! From the beginning, there was always clear communication and we really appreciated that. The job was also completed in the amount of time Nick assured and the construction area was left SPOTLESS-we could absolutely not believe how clean the work area was kept throughout the renovation but also how everything was cleared once they were finished. Nick was always a pleasure to talk to and definitely kept the prewar feeling we were so eager to maintain. We found the prices reasonable and the quality of work great! We would happily use their services again!

Cindy & Alan, Riverside Drive NYC




​Nick and his crew did a great job with our bathroom. My wife and I highly recommend him for anyone looking to make home improvements. Outstanding job, outstanding people. Thanks Nick.

Eric and Star, Kew Gardens, Queens​​​​




I wanted to express how impressed I was with the consultation I recently had with Nick at my home. Friendly, personable, and polite, Nick showed up right on time, and spent as much time as needed to go through my wish list and make very helpful suggestions about ways of going about the work. I could tell right away that he is a detail-oriented contractor, with high standards for workmanship. Within a few days, Nick had supplied me with a very helpful estimate of the costs--broken down task by task, so I could see where the bulk of the expenses lay. I would not hesitate to recommend Nick's service--he is someone who I would feel very comfortable with supervising any project I had in my home.

Heather, Brooklyn




​Nick and his staff just finished our kitchen, and we love it! We were very impressed with the speed, expertise and great care with which he worked, and the work is beautiful. It took a lot less time than anticipated, and everyone was very pleasant to work with, and very receptive to our suggestions and concerns. Nick also offered a lot of good advice along the way when decisions had to be made. In addition, he was very careful about protecting the rest of our limited-space apartment, and there were no extra costs -- the price was the price, even though he gave us some finishing touches we didn't anticipate. We have already recommended him to friends.

Reva and Jerry, Park Slope, Brooklyn In January of 2007





We purchased a 1300 square foot apartment in a pre-war (1922) building located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The apartment was in original condition – other than multiple layers of paint – and was a “diamond in the rough” with outstanding structural framework and potential, but one which required an extensive renovation and restoration.We realized immediately that we needed to find a reliable, honest and experienced, detail oriented, design savvy contractor to handle our project. After bidding the job out to several contractors over a period of weeks, we selected Nick Dillon and Nick Knacks Creative Interiors. At our first meeting, Nick impressed us with his ability to understand our objectives and design goals. He also left a lasting first impression on us based on his keen technical insight and design recommendations.We first met Dawn Marie Dillon, Nick Knacks Creative Interiors’ Executive Officer, in the course of our Construction Contract negotiation.We found Dawn to be exceptionally bright, professional and responsive, which made reaching an understanding of the arrangement with Nick Knacks from a business perspective easy, fast and fair.The scope of work that we and Nick Knacks undertook was vast: demolition of pre-war kitchen and baths, refinishing hardwood floors, reinstalling period moldings on walls, doors and windows, built-in shelving and radiator covers, all new electrical wiring (we went from one circuit to 24!), new plumbing in kitchen and baths, recessed lighting – the list goes on. We demolished the whole apartment to its shell and Nick rebuilt the whole place for us in its entirety from “soup to nuts.” There is not one thing in our home that Nick has not personally touched from the new light fixtures to the washing machine and dryer to our wall-to-wall carpeting to brand new window sills and frames. Nick maintained the integrity of the period, and crafted the finishing aspects with unprecedented detail and design. We remain particularly proud of the work that Nick completed with respect to our second full (yet small) bathroom. He was able to understand our vision for the space through detailed discussion and very rough sketches. Nick executed our plans with such precision that only now do we realize how wrong it might have gone, but Nick’s understanding, intelligence, and superb communication facilitated one of the most talked-about and admired aspects of our apartment.Throughout the project, Dawn and Nick managed our expectations from a time and cost perspective very well, which, based on our past experience with a New York City contractor, is highly unusual. We spoke or emailed with Nick and/or Dawn regularly, and established a valuable and treasured relationship with them. Nick and Dawn were a breath of fresh air for us, in what we had expected to be a difficult and overwhelming project. One lasting memory that we have of Nick’s gentlemanly and thoughtful demeanor was when we had an on-site meeting. Nick met my wife, who was six months pregnant at the time, on a rainy day to review work and discuss certain design details. When the meeting ended, Nick walked my wife out to the street, helped her into a taxi and went back into the apartment to resume his work. This is the Nick Knack’s way. When you work with Nick Dillon you get outstanding craftsmanship coupled with unprecedented professionalism and decency. Nick Knacks is a gem with whom we are fortunate to have worked with for this project. We could not be happier or more pleased with Nick Knack’s work product and our new home.

Andrew & Jordana Levine, New York City ​​




Nick just finished his second project in our apartment. He is a pleasure to work with: flexible, professional, pleasant, and commmitted to good customer service. The quality of the work is also excellent. Nick and his team are detail oriented and timely. We fully intend to use Nick again for our next big project---the kitchen! Nick, thanks for all you hard work

.Xanthe, Harlem New York




I am a huge fan of Nick Dillon and Nickknacks both personally andprofessionally. He did a great job on our place. He is verycreative and was very good at taking our suggestions and coming upwith practical ways of implementing them. His attention to detailalso really impressed me. I was equally pleased with the whole crew,all of whom had the same respect for the work as Nick.We encountered a few cost overruns -- common with prewar work -- andhe was very good at explaining the situation to us and his estimatesfor the additional work we needed done were very much on the low side.Nick is a guy who does a 100% job and I am looking forward to workwith him again in the future. When my wife and I moved to Brooklyn ayear ago, the prospect of taking on a serious renovation project wasintimidating. But now that we’ve met Nick, it doesn’t seem so bad at all.

Pete F. Park Slope, Brooklyn



​I want to thank you for the great job on my apartment. Bathroom looks great. Despite the facts that my budget wasn't great, the facelift of my bathroom is fabulous. Looks totally new. The rest of the apartment which you painted is equally as good. Neat with little clean up on my part. Thanks again, it was great to have such trustworthy and reliable people working on my apartment, certainly a rarity these days

.Jackie Cataldo, Brooklyn



I highly recommend Nick Dillon and his talented team of professionals. Nick and his crew have done a couple of jobs for me that were both big and small. One of the things that I respect most about Nick and his team are that they are very detailed oriented, can work within deadlines and deliver the product that was originally agreed upon. He takes the time to actually do the work himself, not just oversee the crew. This is where he takes great pride in his work; and it shows. I would absolutely consider using Nick again for all of the above reasons in addition to his reasonable pricing.

Mike A, Brooklyn




​​I found Nick Dillon on Craigslist in the spring of 2005. I was looking for a contractor to do a complete kitchen renovation for my 1-bedroom co-op in Jackson Heights and I interviewed about 5 candidates. Nick made me feel comfortable right away with his insights into my renovation needs, obvious knowledge and relaxed cheerful personality. His bid for my job was very competiive compared to the others and I hired him. The demolition went very smoothly gave us a pleasant surprise - we found a beautiful pine floor under the layers of linoleum. I had originally thought to tile the kitchen floor but Nick convinced me that the wood floor could be salvaged and be a better option. He was right - the refinished floor was more beautiful than the tile solution I had in mind. And it saved me money. This is what you get with Nick - he wants you to be satisfied and to give you options you may not have thought possible. Nick was very often there working alongside his crew and made sure their work was of a high quality . Because the kitchen was progressing nicely I extended the contract to include various renovations around the rest of the apartment (refinish floors, skimcoating and painting the whole apt, light installation, plaster repair...) In the end, we stayed within our budget and enjoyed the beautiful renovations. I have just sold this apartment for a nice price and no small thanks is due to Nick and his crew's handywork. I would happily work with him again and would recommend him for your renovations.

Dan S. (formerly of Jackson Heights)



Hi Nick,Just wanted to let you know we're both very happy with how the kitchen turned out- Thanks for your great work.Also, we appreciate the skin care package you left for us-thanks for being so thoughtful, and please pass on our thanks to Dawn (who I suspect had something to do with them).


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